About Devenick Designs: A Contemporary Sculptor for Modern Gardens

At Devenick Designs, we understand that every garden is unique. As a contemporary sculptor, we have the perfect design to help you transform your garden into a beautiful oasis.

So, whether you’re looking for a classic design or something a little more contemporary, we offer a wide variety of options to suit every style and budget.

contemporary sculptor

Unique, high-quality affordable art by a British sculptor

We’re contemporary sculptors inspired by the nature that surrounds us in our hometown of Aberdeenshire. This is reflected in our wildlife and landscape designs that showcase the simple beauty of our subjects with flowing, elegant lines.

We offer an extensive range of delightful animals and birds in a variety of sizes, which are very easy to install by simply pushing a single spike or more into soft ground. The sculptures are just as easily removed and relocated as the seasons change, adding year-round interest to your garden.

Our team of British sculptors work with customers, architects, and organisations to understand and interpret an individual design-brief, which will – with the use of CAD technology – result in a bespoke project to suit the location in question. We are now proud of a number of beautiful bespoke pieces enhancing a number of stunning settings.

Our highly skilled engineers are superb crafts-men with a wealth of experience in working with a variety of metals.

Delivered by Courier, and often protected in hand-made wooden boxes, our sculptures are ready for simple immediate installation and we offer a supply and fit service for our larger panels and screens.

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