Squirrel garden ornament: rust


Meet Mungo, the Squirrel garden ornament from Aberdeenshire.

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Meet Mungo, the Squirrel garden ornament from Aberdeenshire.

This endearing Squirrel art was designed by Devenick Designs following a request from the National Trust Scotland for a modern, simple and eye-catching Squirrel garden ornament.

As the UK’s only native species, this design captures the unique ear tufts and long fluffy tails that make the Red Squirrel so distinctive compared to other species. Our Squirrel garden ornament looks fabulous in both summer and winter settings and will look great on any tree limbs or garden fence.

Manufactured from 3mm Stainless Steel, Mungo is supplied in a rust patina finish.

Designed and handmade in Scotland, Mungo makes the perfect Squirrel gift for any wildlife enthusiast. He is easy to mount, with a spike and fixing holes, or can simply be placed in your lawn or beds. Two fixing holes are incorporated into the integral ground spike.

This Squirrel sculpture can easily be relocated around the garden creating interest throughout the year.

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