Stag art garden sculpture

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Meet Hagrid, the rusty Stag art sculpture from Aberdeenshire. He’s made from 5mm thick steel, with a rust patina finish.

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An impressive garden statue with his intense stare that the Stag is so famous for, this stag sculpture stands proudly with his set of infamous antlers. Hagrid boasts a set of antlers with 12 points (6 per antler) making him a ‘Royal Stag’.

He will combat all conditions and will continue to rust only on the outside; he is fully weatherproof.

Designed and handmade in Scotland, Hagrid makes the perfect stag art gift for any wildlife enthusiast. He is easy to erect and comes with sturdy ground spikes.

Hagrid looks great in any setting and is sure to add warmth with his subtle charm and is inspired by sightings of this majestic animal during our family walks in the Scottish Highlands.

The antlers are supplied disassembled from the body and require simple assembly.

Four Ground spikes are supplied which locate through mounts on the bottom of the sculpture.

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Weight15.5 kg
Dimensions166 × 120 cm

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