Up first … Hugo the Cat.

Hugo - Art

Hugo hasn’t always been our cat, in fact he was our neighbour’s cat. This adoption all came about when I was unwell for a while several years ago, and every day Hugo would come to see me for cuddles.

Hugo - Real Cat

One day his owner came into our house where he was lying on his back, full spread, with his paws in the air whilst I stroked his tummy. She said “Gosh! Hugo has never done that with us.” To be honest, Hugo and I were pretty much inseparable.

Then one day in December our neighbour approached Neil to say that they wanted to give me Hugo for Christmas!!! So, our boy, Hugo, was our first baby … and even when two rowdy boys came along later, he never left us. In fact, when I headed out on walks with the boys in their pram he would come too!

Hugo is getting rather old now and is struggling a bit, but he is still as beautiful as ever.

The irony of it is that before Hugo, Neil and I didn’t like cats! Well, Hugo certainly won us over.

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